Common House

Common House is the greatest resource unite has and it’s something we want to share with the community as much as we can. It is the home to a number of community groups and unions such as Anti-Poverty Network, Retail And Fast Food Workers Union, the Workers Hour and Anarchist Communists Meanjin. The space is also regularly utilised for stand-alone social events, and is available for hiring to all members of the community. We encourage everyone in the community to take advantage of our opening times to come in, browse our library, escape the heat with some movies and begin to organise together to build a better world. Opening hours are posted on our Facebook weekly.

If you would like to support Common House by contributing to the rent, one off or regular pledge donations can be sent to BSB: 06 4002 Account number: 1036 2467


Looking to book a gig but sick of big venues only in it for the profit taking you for a ride? Sick of ridiculous door fees and brutal bouncers? Tired of being told you can’t see your favourite band because you’re six months too young? Well Common House has you sorted. With DIY gigs on almost every week, Common House is at the heart of Meeanjin/Brisbane alternative, punk and metal scenes. All fees raised go towards helping pay the rent and supporting local and international causes.


Trying to understand the world we live in is scary and confusing at the best of times, but we have the solution for you. Unite is the custodian one of the largest radical libraries in the country. The libraries of various radical organisations of the past, a number of private collections, and small purchases and donations throughout the years have been collated into an impressive resource for public use. Topics range from anarchist critiques of ecology, to the role of women in revolutionary Vietnam, and everything in between. You can find the library catalogue here.

Organising & Social Space

Need a meeting space? Got an idea for a radical project? Get in touch and lets sort something out!

Let’s build something together.

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